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Cephitinea colonella (Erschoff), 1874 긴날개좀나방 []

Wingspan 16-24 mm in male, 22-29 mm in female, Head covered with fairly long grayish hairs with yellowish tinge. Galea reach midpoint of 2nd segment of labial palpi. Maxillary palpi filiform, light colored, and reach only up to 3rd segment of labial palpi; 5th segment of maxillary palpi about one-seven length of 4th segment. Labial palpi musty-yellow; 2nd segment on lower side with tuft of yellowish-gray bristles; 3rd segment two-thirds length of 2nd segment, basal half dark chocolate-brown, tip light-colored. Width of frons about one-fifth greater than longitudinal diameter of eyes. Antennae dark yellow with dark rings. 1st segment yellowish, without dark rings; length of basal segment 2.33 width, with 14 to 18 bristles on anterior side. Thorax and tegulae yellow to gray. Wingspan of forewings 22 mm in male, 20 to 24 mm in female. Hindwings fairly acute, slightly broader in female than in male. Fringe of hind wing three-fourths alar width. Forewings cinnamon-gray with weak reddish tinge and irregular dark gray spots, a few of which fuse; a few slightly yellowish gray spots located on anterior margin; and inner side distinctly covered with gray to ocherous-yellow spots. Blackish spot located at apex of radiocubital cell. Hind wing yellowish-gray, translucent. Fringe light yellow to ash-colored with golden tinge. Fore- and middle legs cinnamon-gray with slightly light-colored ring at end of each segment; hind legs yellowish-gray.

Forewing and hindwing with all veins present and free, frenulum is one in male, two in female. Valvae in male genitalia elongated, with elongated tips; uncus in lateral view resembles a wedge-shaped, pointed process. In genitalia of females inner margin of lobes of vaginal plate not divergent at base and not visible from under prevaginal plate.
Myrmecozelinae는 이전기록에 껍질좀나방아과로 기록하고 있으나 껍질좀나방은 속명의 변경으로 현재 Erechthiinae에 속해있다. 분류군명에 대표할만한 종명을 포함하는 경우 이런 문제가 종종 발생한다. Myrmecozelinae의 아과명의 국명은 사용을 하지 않는 것을 제안한다.
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