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Wegneria cerodelta (Meyrick), 1911 삼각무늬좀나방 [sam.gang.mu.nui.jom.na.bang]

Small species. Wingspan 11 mm in male, 13 mm in female. Head, thorax and tegulae dark brown in male; face and vertex ridge glossy silver-gray. Labial and maxillary palpi cream. Antenna gray-brown, scape slightly paler. Forewing deep brown with slight purplish sheen; posterior margin with semicircular yellowish spot at one-half extending less than one-third distance across wing. Hindwing dark brown. Legs and abdomen light grayish ochre on underside, dark brown above. Female is coloration as male.

This species may be distinguished from its slightly smaller size (forewing usually less than 5.5 mm long), its yellow mark on the forewing being restricted to sternite being smooth and the apophyses posteriores and signum being less than 2.0 and 0.4 mm long respectively.
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