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Dasyses barbata (Christoph), 1881 껍질좀나방 [kkeop.jil.jom.na.bang]

This species is characterized by separated from surface with three to four irregular transverse rows of clusters of light-colored scales protruding above the wing.

Wingspan 12.5-21 mm in male, 22-25 mm in female. Head pubescent, with light gray hair. In labial palpi 2nd segment very long, cinnamon-gray, directed straight ahead, and covered with long dense brush of gray scales; 3rd segment located almost at right angles to 2nd and pointed, with whitish-gray base and cinnamon-black tip. Basal segment of antennae and first four segments light gray with cinnamon-black and reddish-gray granulation. Thorax and tegulae light gray. Forewings whitish-gray with light cinnamon-gray and cinnamon-black granulation. Pattern of reticulate dots and spots. Largest dark cinnamon spots located proximal and distal to midpoint of wing. These spots are formed by projecting scales. Fringe long, with seven alternate dark and light gray streaks. Hind wings yellowish-gray with darker veins. Fringe light yellowish-gray with two transverse irregular dark and light stripes. Under surface of all wings uniformly dark cinnamon-gray, with raised veins. Legs reddish-silvery-gray. Hind tibiae with long grayish-brown hairs. Tarsal segments on outer side mostly dark cinnamon. Abdomen yellowish-gray.
껍질좀나방은 아랫입술수염이 매우 잘 발달되어 있다. 앞날개의 윗면에 판모양의 편평한 인편이 잘 발달되어 있는데 사선방향으로 들떠있어 쉽게 구분할 수 있다. (아래사진 참고)

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