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Crypsithyris japonica Petersen & Gaedike, 1993 이끼좀나방 [i.kki.jom.na.bang]

Wingspan 10.1-12.2 mm in male, 10.6-13.0 mm in female. Head: Vertex and face roughly clothed with creamly hairs. Antenna as long as forewing, filiform and slender; pecten consisting of about 10 bristles; each flagellomere covered with a row of brownish gray scales. Maxillary palpus clothed with creamy scales. Labial palpus drooping. covered with creamy scales mesally, gray scales laterally; 1st and 2nd segments with more than 30 lateral and apical bristles. Thorax: Mesonotum and tegula clothed with brownish gray scales; metanotum with pale gray scales on scutellum. Legs extensively covered with creamy scales. Abdomen: covered with pale gray scales dorsally and creamy scales ventrally. Eight abdominal segment without coremata. Forewing: Elongate, 2.9-3.2 times as long as wide including fringe, 3.9-4.4 times as long as wide excluding fringe; apex with fringe roundly produced.

Male genitalia with slender saccus; valva ventrally angulate at middle. In female genitalia, flange-like sclerite of corpus bursae bearing 1-2 strong spine-like processes.
본 종은 표본이 1개체뿐인데 시맥과 생식기 표본을 제작후 부주의로 나머지 부분이 망가져 날개와 일부분만을 capsule에 보관중이다. 추가적인 표본확보가 필요한 종이다.

국명은 Crypsithyris속의 생활사가 잘 알려져있지 않으나 lichenophagous (Fletcher, 1933)로 알려져 있어 먹이습성을 고려해 이름을 붙였다.
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