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Monopis longella (Walker), 1863 점흰무늬좀나방 [jeom.huin.mu.nui.jom.na.bang]
EN(Pavlovski's Monopis Moth) JP(マエモンクロヒロズコガ)

Wingspan 15-18 mm in both sexes. Vertex and frons with light-yellowish scales. Forewing has a white pattern near costal margin of wing 2.0 times longer than wing width, blackish-brown back ground. White pattern with brownish scales near costal margin. Hindwing grayish, cryptic.

External characters of this species is resemble those of M. monachella, but it can be distinguished from the latter by the following points. Forewing of pavlovskii developed brownish scales in whitish pattern; M3 stalked with CuA1 near base between R-Cu cell and terminal margin, but in monachella stalked at midpoint. Female genitalia of longella with big, strong, triangular and five signa, but monachella with small, spicular and over six signa.

앞흰무늬좀나방(Monopis monachella)는 앞날개의 흰무늬가 완전히 흰색이며 점흰무늬좀나방(Monopis longella)는 흰색무늬 중간에 갈색의 점모양이 있다. 알려진 표본을 조사한 결과 국내에 분포하는 종은 점흰무늬좀나방(Monopis longella)으로 동정되었다. 앞흰무늬좀나방의 분포는 재고가 필요하다.

Huang 등(2011)에 의해 M. pavlovskii Zagulajev, 1955는 M. longella (Walker), 1863의 synonym 처리되었다.
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