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Monopis monachella (Hübner), 1796 앞흰무늬좀나방 [ap.huin.mu.nui.jom.na.bang]
EN(White-headed Monopis Moth, White-blotched Clothes Moth)

Wingspan 11-20 mm. Vertex and frons with pure whitish erected scales.

Forewing has a trapezoidal pure white spot near costal margin of wing 2.0 times longer than wing width. M3 stalked with CuA1 at midpoint between R-Cu cell and terminal margin. Female genitalia of monachella with small, spicular and over six signa.

Monopis monachella, Photo by UK moths (http://ukmoths.org.uk)

앞흰무늬좀나방(Monopis monachella)는 앞날개의 흰무늬가 완전히 흰색이며 점흰무늬좀나방(Monopis longella)은 흰색무늬 중간에 갈색의 점모양이 있다. 알려진 표본을 조사한 결과 국내에 분포하는 종은 점흰무늬좀나방(Monopis longella)으로 동정되었다.
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