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Niditinea baryspilas (Meyrick), 1937 암노랑까치머리좀나방 [am.no.rang.kka.chi.meo.ri.jom.na.bang]

Wingspan 11.5- 12 mm. Vertex and frons with untidy, tufty whorls of erect piliform scales, whorl convergent between antennal bases. Retinaculum in male subcostal, oblique, tong-shaped with rolled apex.

External characters of this species resemble those of Tinea sp., but it can be distinguished from the latter by the following points. Each forewing with 4-5 blackish spots on dark yellowish background. Forewing and hindwing with all veins present and free. Also in female genitalia, corpus bursae with pair of elongate longitudinal blade-like signa.
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