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Trichophaga tapetzella (Linnaeus), 1758 털좀나방 [teol.jom.na.bang]
KO(담요좀나방) EN(Tapestry Moth, Carpet Moth) JP(ジュウタンガ)

Wingspan 14-22 mm in both sexes. Head: Vertex with scaling similar to occiput forming medially convergent tuft. Frons with similar, dense, slightly upward-directed scales. Maxillary palpus five segmented, but fifth segment very short. Antenna reaching 0.7↔length of forewing; scape with pecten of 20-25 stout bristles; flagellar segments each completely covered by one row of narrow, elongate appressed scales; cilia in male 0.8↔flagellar diameter, but most this length obscured by scales, in female shorter and more sparse. Forewing: Basal half of forewings dark chocolate brown, remainder light yellow; many species with sparse dark dots along margins of wing.

Male genitalia: valva without folds and processes near apex, Female genitalia: Antrum with tubular expanse, duct entirely membranous.
암수 모두 날개편길이 14-22mm, 날개의 기부쪽은 어두운 갈색을 띠며 날개끝쪽은 밝은 노란색을 띄며 날개의 가장자리를 따라 드물게 진한 점무늬가 있다.

국내에서 관찰한 표본이 없다. 피해정황상 분포가 예상되는 종으로 국내에서의 피해나 생활사에 대해서 알려진 바가 매우 적은 종이다.
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