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Psychoides gosari Kim & Bae, 2007 고사리좀나방 [go.sa.ri.jom.na.bang]

Male. Wingspan 8-8.5 mm (including cilia), Vertex and frons with hairy, sheeny yellowish brown scales alive, decolorized dead; vertex with erected scales; frons with smooth scales. Labial palpi with three segments, with light yellowish, elongated bristles. Maxillary palpi short, reduced. Antenna ciliate, little shorter than half of length of forewing; cilia of flagellum long, dense, biased to one side. Forewing dark brown with reddish purple sheen, dark fuscous in apical area; cilia dark brown, rather long in terminal and dorsal margins. Ground color of hindwing dark brown with reddish purple sheen; cilia of dorsum well developed.

Female. Wingspan 8.0-8.5 mm (including cilia). Antenna simple filiform, not ciliate, shorter than half of length of forewing.

Illustrated by seok Kim
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