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Morophaga formosana Robinson, 1986 영지버섯좀나방 []

Wingspan 13-23 mm in both sexes. Forewing creamy white marked with orange-brown, cryptic, resembling moss or tree-bark; costal marking rather darker and well developed; very similar to that choragella which is known from the western Palaearctic region. Hindwing light brownish gray. Outer mid-tibial and outer proximal hind tibial spurs 0.4×length of inner spurs.

This species belongs to the sistrata-group. Outer mid and proximal hind tibial spurs < 0.4 length of inner spurs. Forewing with mottled coloration forming cryptic, coarse moss pattern. Male lacking coremata in eight abdominal segment. However, coremata present (not associated with apodemes) in borneensis. Tegumen broken dorsally by at east a membranous suture line; valva with deep emarination forming longitudinal cleft; juxta simple, entire, not divided medially; vesica with spinular cornuti; aedeagus smmoth-surfaced, without spicular carinae. Coremata absent from eighth abdominal segment; aedeagus elongate, more than 1.25 mm long, with many stout sornuti. Saccus exceptionally elongate, 2.5×or more as long as wide; apex of dorsal half of valva evenly rounded; ventral margin of ventral half of valva with strong pectinifer. Pectinifer on ventral margin of valva half of valva regular; strong hook-shaped process between pectinifer and base of valva.
결무늬버섯좀나방과 매우 유사하며 뚜렷하게 구분되는 개체도 있지만 구분이 어려울 정도로 애매한 개체도 많다. Robinson(1986)은 앞다리와 가운데다리의 색깔과 무늬로 구분을 하고 있는데 깨끗한 표본이 아니고서는 이 형질도 활용하기 어려울 때가 있다. 정확한 비교를 위해서는 해부를 통해 시맥이나 생식기 비교를 하는 것이 좋다.
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