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Morophaga fasciculata Robinson, 1986 결무늬버섯좀나방 []

Wingspan 13-18 mm in male, 21 mm in female. The species from wild fungi (13-14 mm) is smaller than the others. Vertex and frons cream. Labial palpus with apical segment uniformly pale, outer surface of second segment evenly flecked with brown. Maxillary palpus cream, some darker scaling above on second segment. Antennal scape whitish; pedicel brown above; flagellum ochreous; cilia 3×(♂) or 0.5×(♀) flagellar dismeter. Thorax and tegula cream marked with brown, dark brown anteriorly. Forewing cream, patterned with brown (specimens worn and slightly faded), pattern similar to species of the sistrata-group. Hindwing gray. Legs ochreous cream; forewing and mid-leg brownish above, paler at articulations, mid-tibia with cream medial band; outer mid-tibial spur 0.4×length of inner; outer proximal hind tibial spur 0.5 length of inner.

This species belongs to the choragella-group. Outer mid and proximal hind tibial spur >0.4 length of inner spurs. Forewing with mottled coloration forming cryptic, coarse `moss‘ pattern. Male with coremata in eighth sternite but apodemes lacking in fasciculata. Tegumen broken dorsally by at least a membranous suture line; valva with deep emargination forming longitudinal cleft; juxta simple, entire, not divided medially; vesica with spicular cornuti; aedeagus with spicular or spinose carinae. In male, valva lacking sickle-shaped articulated process; ventral margin of valva with dense bundle of rod-like setae. In female, Antrum short, not reaching one-half length of apophyses anteriores. Eighth tergite separating dorsolateral extensions of eighth sternite which almost meet dorsally; ventral margin of ostium V-shaped, deeply emarginate.
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