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Morophaga bucephala (Snellen), 1884 큰점무늬좀나방 []

Wingspan 13-18 mm in male, 19-23 mm in female. Forewing creamy white with a brown tint, with distinct, bold purple-brown markings; a large trapezoidal spot on posterior margin, extending two-thirds of wing-breadth, distal margin of the spot nearly straight or slightly sinuated even there are some individual variation; followed one or two small spots toward tornus; a group of spots along costa, becoming progressively larger towards apex, the last one semi-ovate, followed a triangular spot at apex. Hindwing gray.

No distinct differences in wing patterns among the related species of the bucephala-group have been revealed.

Adult from Inonotus tomentosus, photo by seok Kim
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