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Montescardia kurenzovi (Zagulajev), 1966 점얼룩좀나방 []

Wingspan 22-29 mm in both sexes. Vertex and frons straw-colored, tufts above eyes darker. Labial palpus straw-colored, strongly flecked with brown on outer surface of second and third segments but pale at articulations. Maxillary palpus whitish, very short, only just reaching second segment of labial palpus, 5-segmented. Antennal scape and pedicel straw-colored. dark brown above; flagellum gray-brown above; cilia 1.0×(♂) or 0.7 (♀) flagellar diameter. Thorax and tegula cream. strongly flecked with brown. Forewing cream, marked with orange-brown along veins and strongly flecked with dark brown to form ill-defined jagged medial and postmedial bands; medial costal spot strongly defined; strongly dark spot at end of cell. Hindwing pale gray, mottled at margin and fringe. Legs straw-colored, fore-, mid- and hindlegs strongly marked above and on outer surfaces with dark brown, but pale at articulations; outer mid-tibial spur 0.6 length of inner; outer proximal hind tibial spur 0.7 length of inner spur.
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