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Morophagoides moriutii Robinson, 1986 표고버섯좀나방 []

Wingspan 15-19.5 mm in male, 19-24 mm in female. Vertex and frons cream, some brown scales closed to eyes. Labial palpus cream, dark brown on outer surface of first and second segment. Maxillary palpus light grayish cream, 5-segmented, reaching a little more than one-half length of second segment of labial palpus. Outer surface of third segment of labial palpus strongly marked with brown in basal half. Antennal scape, pedicel and basal flagellar segments dark brown above; cilia 1.0×(♂) or 0.4 (♀) flagellar diameter. thorax cream flecked with light brown; tegula dark brown, dark brown to form a coarse. cryptic pattern resembling tree-bark. Hindwing light grayish cream with slightly darker grayish flecks. Legs cream; fore- and mid- legs strongly marked above with dark brown but pale at articulation; outer surface of mid-tibia with distinctive transverse pale streaks; outer mid-tibial and outer proximal hind tibial spurs 0.7×length of inner spurs.

The genitalia of both sexes are structurally close to those of M. ussuriensis but in the male the process from each uncus lobe is apical and irregular, not subapical and knuckle-shaped as in M. ussuriensis. In the female the ventral lip of the ostium is more strongly concave than in M. ussuriensiss and the internal surface of the antrum is more markedly rugose.

우화한 표고버섯좀나방(adult), photo by seok Kim
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