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Nemapogon granella (Linnaeus), 1758 곡식좀나방 []
KO(쌀좀나비) EN(Corn Moth, European Grain Moth, European grain worm, mottled grain moth) JP(コクガ)

Head covered with dull white scales interspersed with gray scales on occiput of male, yellowish gray scales mixed with blackish ones on occiput of female; bundle of gray, dark brown or blackish scales before and behind the antennae. Galeae reaching 3/4 of length of segment of labial palps. Labial palps dorsally white or light yellow, ventrally dark brown, directed downward and forward; apex of second segment with small ventral bundle of dark brown bristles reaching middle of third segment; third segment dark brown at base (usually on outer side), light yellow at apex. Maxillary palps silvery gray brown; fourth segment 1/3 larger than fifth. fifth segment equal to or usually slightly longer than distal segment of labial palps. Frons width equal to logitudinal diameter of eye. Antennae light brown gray with dark brown scales on outer side of scape and on apexes of each segment; scape approximately twice as long as wide, anteriorly with 10-12 dark bristle forming irregular row; bristle length equal to width of segment; pedicel 2 1/3 times in length of scape. Antennae of male covered with short bristles; scales more loosely set in male, densely pressed in female. Thorax and tegulae anteriorly dark brown, tegulae with white apical scales. Wingspan 9.5-12mm in male, 12-14mm in female. Forewing 4 times as long as wide. Hindwing slightly more than 4 times as long as wide; fringe of hindwing by 1/4 larger than width of wing. Resting wing firmly pressed to body, but elevated behind. Forewing muddy white, densely sprayed with numerous small gray brown dots and specks. Wing pattern composed of 10-12 dark brown spots of different size. The largest, median spot situated in wing center near anterior margin , in form of narrow rectangle obliquely across the wing toward the anterior margin, where it is twice as wide as long; straight side of rectangle faces wing base, while jagged outer side faces wing tip. Other spots arranged in following order: wing base with two spots, one long with elongated apex near the anterior margin, the other situated below the former. Third spot situated near anterior margin at 1/4 from wing base; fourth spot in middle of wing between third spot and the large median spot, but nearer to the inner spot; fifth, sixth, and seventh spots situated along the anterior margin between the large median spot and the wing apex at equal distance from one another; small 8th-10th spots form triangle at the very wing apex before the fringe; remaining two spots highly diffuse situated along the outer margin, sometimes very inconspicuous. Hindwings light gray with slight bronze tinge and brown gray fringe. Undersides of all wings brown gray with oily luster. Wing fringe slightly paler than wing background on forewings with vague pattern in form of 4 dark bands on the outer margin and 3-4 dark bands on the fringe before the apex of the anterior margin of the wing.

This species differs from other closely related species in the following signs. Head light-colored, frons white, vertex light yellow. Median spot in form of narrow rectangle extends across the wing (not bent at an angle). Forewing 4 times as long as wide. Sc reached middle of anterior margin of wing. Male genitalia: valva apex almost squared with 2 small processes; subuncus with blunt-tipped branches; pencil apex with short blunt process and 2 large sharp spines. Female genitalia: vaginal plate with small notch on posterior margin and plicate area behind the notch; ductus bursae terminally vesicular with 2 parallel sclerotized plates.
날개편길이는 수컷 9.5~12mm, 암컷 12~14mm로 암컷이 약간 더 크다. 머리는 연한 노란색을 띤 머리카락모양의 인편으로 덮여있다. 아랫입술수염은 흰색 혹은 밝은 노란색을 띠며 앞부분은 진한 갈색빛을 띤다. 뒷날개에는 긴 연모가 잘 발달되어 있으며 밝은 회색을 띤다. 앞날개는 연한 황색바탕에 10~12개의 크기 다른 갈색 점들이 산포해 있으며 앞날개 전연부를 따라 점선모양의 점무늬가 나 있다.

본 종은 유연종과 다음과 같은 특징으로 뚜렷하게 구분할 수 있다. 머리는 밝은 색을 띠며 이마부분은 흰색이며 정수리부분은 밝은 노란색이다. 좁은 사각형모양의 중앙의 점무늬는 날개를 따라 발달되어 있다. 앞날개는 날개의 폭에 대해 길이가 4배정도이다. Sc맥은 날개의 전연 중앙부분에 닿는다.
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