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Autochthonus namhaensis (Ponomarenko & Park), 1996 물결무늬좀나방 []

Wingspan 13-14.5 mm in male, 15 mm in female. Head, thorax and tegula with whitish scales. Antenna as long as 3/4 length of forewing. Inner surface of labial palpi white with brown scales basally, its outer surface brown in proximal half and white distally. Costal margin of forewing with 7 small dark brown spots, ground-color white with irregular small dark brown dots.

Autochthonus namhaensis (Ponomarenko & Park) differs from the previously known species of the genus by the square-shaped lobes of uncus, and strong emargination near middle of the ventral margin of valva.

본 종은 Sakai(2013)에 의해 Gerontha속에서 Autochthonus속으로 이전되었다.
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