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Gerontha borea Moriuti, 1977 누더기좀나방 []

Wingspan 16-23 mm in both sexes. Head light dirty whitish-ochreous, mixed with gray on fore part (between antenna) and face. Antennal ciliations 1; scape light ochreous, mixed with dark brown; flagellum light ochreous, with obscure brown annuli. Maxillary palpus dark fuscous. Labial palpus dark fuscous, tinged with pale ochre at tip and apex of middle segment; terminal segment with a distinct pale ochreous ring before middle. Thorax very light ochreous, irrorated with grayish-brown. Legs pale fuscous; fore and mid tibiae dark fuscous, with whitish apex; fore and mid tarsi fuscous, the posterior end being whitish on each segment; hind tarsus fuscous dorsally, with a whitish posterior end on each segment; all spurs dark fuscous. Abdomen dark gray, with pale ochreous-white segmental margins and anal tuft. Forewing narrow, apex rounded, termen rounded, oblique;

This species is characterized by the male genitalia with the reduced gnathos and with the conspicuous, sclerotized band on the valva. In coloration it seems to be most similar to G. ampliptera Ponomarenko & Park 1996, but is a little smaller in size, and also differs markedly in the forewing with the costa gently curved posteriorly in the hindwing with the much larger basal hyaline blotch. Commonly forewing of Gerontha without a retinaculum in male, but G. borea with retinaculum.
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