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Gerontha ampliptera (Ponomarenko & Park), 1996 점누더기좀나방 []

Wingspan 20.5-21 mm. Head with whitish scales. Labial palpi yellowish-white. Thorax and tegula slightly brownish anteriorly and grayish-white posteriorly. Antenna as long as 3/4 length of forewing.

The forewing pattern of this new species is similar to Gerontha borea Moriuti known from Japan, but it is separable by having a large brown-spot near the end of cell. Male genitalia of this species are quite different from those G. borea; with triangularly pointed uncus, lacking gnathos, tuft strong spines near base of valva. It is also closed to G. soroii Moriuti from Thailand, but can be separable from the latter by the shape of valva, lacking basal process.
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