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Tineid of Korea
Lichen-Feeding Species, Crypsithyris japonica Petersen & Gaedike (Lepidoptera, Tineidae) New to Korea
Y.S. Bae 1), S. Kim 1), and Bong-Kyu Byun 2)

1) Department of Biology, College of Natural Sciences, University of Incheon, Republic of Korea
2) Division of Specimens & Genetic Resources, Korea National Arboretum, Pocheon, Korea
The genus Crypsithyris Meyrick belonging to the subfamily Tineinae, and is similar to Monopis Hübner and Crypsithyrodes Zimmerman in the superficial appearances, but the species of Crypsithyris Meyrick is distinguished by the following characteristics: absence of R1 on forewing; presence of flange-like colliculum of corpus bursae in female genitalia. This genus comprises about 40 named species, which are mainly distributed in Afrotropical, Oriental, Palaearctic and Australia regions (Meyrick, 1927; Fletcher, 1933; Bradley, 1973; Robinson, 1980; Moriuti, 1982; Robinson and Tuck, 1996; Gaedike, 2000; Sakai and Saigusa, 2002; Xiao and Li, 2005). Gozmány and Vári (1973) reviewed the species of Crypsithyris by the Ethiopian region. And then Robinson and Tuck (1996) listed in the Oriental species. The larvae of the species is known feed on lichen, fallen leaves, vegetable detritus, bat-guano, animal hairs, and feather fragments, etc (Fletcher, 1933; Robinson, 1980, 1993; Sakai & Saigusa, 2002). In the present study, one lichen-feeding species belonging to Tineinae, Chrypsithyris japonica Petersen and Gaedike, 1993 is newly recorded to the Korean moth fauna. The genus Crypsithyris is also newly introduced in Korea. Morphological redescription with illustrations of genitalia are provided.
Date : 2007/08/19
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