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Tineid of Korea
A New Spore-feeding Species of Psychoides Bruand(Lepidoptera, Tineidae) from Korea
S. Kim, Y.S. Bae

Department of Biology, College of Natural Sciences, University of Incheon, Republic of Korea
The genus Psychoides Bruand is one of the three known genera of the subfamily Teichobiinae, which is mainly distributed in the Oriental and Palaearctic regions. The genus comprises only three species, Psychoides filicivora (Meyrick), P. verhuella (Bruand), and P. phaedrospora (Meyrick) in the Palaearctic region (Davis and Robinson, 1999). Larvae of the genus Psychoides mine into leaves at the early instars and then feed externally on fern sporangia (Robinson, 1993). In the present study, Psychoides gosari sp. nov. is described with notes on general biology in Korea. This species is very similar to Japanese species, P. phaedrospora, but can be distinguished by the first time. The larvae feeds on fronds or sporangia of Dryopteris chinensis (Baker) Koidz., D. saxifraga H. Ito, D. bissetiana (Baker) C. Chr., D. crassirhizoma Nakai (Dryopteridaceae), and Athyrium yokoscense (Franch. et Sav.) Christ (Woodsiaceae), which are new host plants. They emerged as adults in the laboratory. Description of adult and immature stages, with illustrations of genitalia and biological notes are provided.
Date : 2007/08/19
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