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Tineid of Korea
A Newly Recorded Species Erechthias sphenoschista (Meyrick) (Lepidoptera, Tineidae, Erechthiinae) from Korea
Seok Kim 1) , Yang-Seop Bae 2)

1) National Institute of Biological Resources, Environmental Research Complex, Incheon 404-170
2) Department of Biology, College of Natural Sciences, University of Incheon, Incheon, 402-749, Korea
The genus Erechthias Meyrick, 1880 was dealt with family Lyonetidae by Fletcher, 1929. Recently Erechthias was included in the subfamily Erechthiinae belonging to Tineidae by Davis (1983) and Davis & Robinson (1999). The genus is consisting of more then 162 species in the world (Robinson, 2001). In Korea, this genus have been reported only one species, Erechthias atririvis (Meyrick, 1931) by Park (1983).
In the present study, one tined species E. sphenoschista (Meyrick, 1931) is reported for the first time in Korea. Erechthias is can be distinguished by the full complement of mouth parts and lateral bristles on the labial palpi for their morphology, and also distinct the dead or decayed plant materials of their larval feeding habit. The larval bionomics and host plant are known in Japan very well, but unknown in Korea. Morphological characters for the identification of E. sphenoschista are provided and figured, with discussion of Korean species. Also the information of the venation, genitalia, known life history are provided.
Keywords  Erechthias sphenoschista, Erechthias, Erechthiinae, Tineidae, Newly recored species, life history
Date : 2006/09/26
2006년 가을 응용곤충학회 추계학술발표회는 서울 양재동의 aT센터에서 열렸다. 한국 농업 100년을 기념하는 농업대전과 같이 열려 볼거리도 많았고 4개 학회가 같이 열렸다. 이번 학회에서는 Erechthias속의 미기록종 1종을 정리해서 보고했으며 이를 기존에 알려진 종과 비교하였다. 일본종과는 약간의 차이를 보이는데 이는 표본을 더 검증해서 확인해야 할 부분이다.
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