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Tineid of Korea
Morphological and ecological note of Genus Morophaga in Korea (Lepidoptera: Tineidae, Scardiinae)
S. Kim, J. H. Bae and Y. S. Bae

Department of Biology, College of National Sciences, University of Incheon, Incheon 402-749, Korea
The subfamily Scardiinae is known through paper about three species of genus Morophaga by Park(1990) at the first time. This genus is classified by the following characters: Forewing with R3 and R4 stalked or approximated at base; M2, M3 and CuA1 separate; coloration usually mottled, forming cryptic, coarse 'moss' pattern, but conspicuously different - bold purple-brown markings on white - in bucephala-group(Robinson, 1986). The genus Morophaga is worldwidely distributed except New World. Most species occur in the western and eastern Palaearctic region; Afrotropic; Oriental region; Australian region. Park(1996) described a new species, M. parabucephala Ponomarenko & Park from Korea, But it was synonymized with M. bucephala (Gaedike, R., 2000). These larvae mostly feed in either the fruiting body (sporopjore) of persistent (hard) bracket-fungi(Family Polyporaceae), or in the wood of dead or moribund trees that has been permeated by the hyphae of such fungi.
In the present study, three species, Morophaga bucephala (Snellen, 1884), Morophaga fasciculata Robinson, 1986, Morophaga formosana Robinson, 1986 are recognized from Korea. Of them, two species, M. bucephala, M. fasciculata are confirmed several new host plants. M. bucephala feeds on Tyromyces sambuceus (Lloyd) Imaz. and Inonotus tomentosus, M. fasciculata feeds on Malus pumilla, Ficus carica L.(plant-feeding). Also feed on Coriolus sp. and Phellinus gilvus (Schw.: Fr.), Oligoporus caesius (Schrad. : Fr .) Gilbn. et Ryv. attached on dead, cutten log(Platanus occidentalis L.)(fungi-feeding). These hosts are first records at wild condition in Korea, belong to family Polyporaceae. Also three species are redescribed by abdomen dissertion. Adults and genitalia are illustrated. Host plants and key to species are provided.
Keywords  Lepidoptera, Tineidae, Scardiinae, Morophaga, fungus moth, new host plant, Korea
Date : 2005/10/17
2005년 10월 17-22일에 제주도에서 열린 국제학술학회에 참여했다. 국내에는 강원대 박규택 교수님에 의해 처음 소개된 버섯좀나방아과의 Morophaga속에 대한 고찰이 발표내용이었다. 주로 야외에서 버섯을 채집해서 이를 사육하고 얻은 결과가 대부분이었는데 그중 결무늬버섯좀나방에 대한 결과가 가장 많이 나왔다. 포스터를 참조하면 알겠지만 discussion에 버섯좀나방아과의 연구에 있어 아직 미해결된 토의 사항을 여러 개 제시해 보았다. 앞으로 진전은 좀 더디겠지만 지속적인 관심을 가져볼 만한 재미있는 분류군임에는 틀림이 없다.
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