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Tineid of Korea
Taxonomic Study of the Family Tineidae (Lepidoptera) from Korea
Seok Kim and Yang-Seop Bae

Department of Biology, College of National Sciences, University of Incheon, Incheon 402-749, Korea
The family Tineidae belongs to the superfamily Tineoidea and is reported 15 subfamilies, 320 genera, and more than 3,500 known species in the world (Robinson & Nielsen, 1993). The family is classified by the following characters: Head vestiture of erect piliform scales; labial palpi with stiff lateral bristles; proboscis very short or rudiment, not strongly sclerotized, galeae only loosely associated; hind tibiae with erect and elongate scales on upper surface; adults resting with wings raised tent-like over the body, and with characteristic scuttling run. In the Korean Peninsula, Cho and Kim (Zool. Soc. Kor, 1968) reported four species of Tineidae, and 22 species, 15 genera, 7 subfamilies were added by Park (1983, 1990), Korean check list (1994), and Park and Ponomarenko (1996).
In the present study, 32 species, 20 genera, 9 subfamilies are recognized from Korea. Of them, 10 species, Monopis zagulajevi Gaedike, Monopis weaverella (Scott), Crypsithyris japonica Petersen & Gaedike, Opogona sacchari (Bojer), Morophagoides moriutii Robinson, Scardia amurensis Zagulajev, Amorophaga sp., Psychoides sp. Meyrick, Dryadaula sp., Erechthias sphenoschista (Meyrick) are reported for the first time from Korea, three species, Amorophaga sp., Psychoides sp. and Dryadaula sp. are not identified. Already known species, Nemapogon granella (Linnaeus), Triaxomasia orientanus (Ponomarenko & Park), Cephitinea colonella (Erschoff), Gerontha ampliptera Ponomarenko & Park, G. borea Moriuti, G. namhaensis Ponomarenko & Park, Dasyses barbata (Christoph), Monopis monachella (Hubner), M. pavlovskii Zagulajev, M. laevigella (Denis & Schiff.), Niditinea baryspilas (Meyrick), Tinea translucens Meyrick, Trichophaga tapetzella (Linnaeus), Erechthias atririvis (Meyrick), Opogona nipponica Stringer, O. thiadelta Meyrick, Wegneria cerodelpha Meyrick, Montescardia kurenzovi (Zagulajev), Morophaga bucephala (Snellen), M. fasciculata Robinson, M. formosana Robinson, Morophagoides ussuriensis (Caradja) are redescribed. Adults and genitalia of both sexes are illustrated. Host plants are listed. Key to species are provided.
Keywords  Lepidoptera, Tineidae, new species, host plants, new record, Korea
Date : 2005/05/19
2003년 동불분류학회에 곡식좀나방 관련된 포스터를 발표한 제목으로 재발표했다. 석사논문을 쓰고서 처음으로 학회발표를 했다. 이제 정리된 내용을 조금씩 계속 발표해야겠다. 이번 연구를 통해 새로 2아과 5속 10종을 새로이 추가하였으며 그동안 산발적으로 발표되었던 자료들을 통합해 표본들을 재검정하고 해부(날개시맥, 생식기)를 통해 가능한 모든 표본을 재동정하고 속 및 종 검색표를 작성하였다.
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