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Tineid of Korea
Taxonomic Notes of Family Tineidae (Lepidoptera) in Korea
Yang-Seop Bae, Seok Kim

Department of Biology, College of National Sciences, University of Incheon, Incheon, 402-749, Republic of Korea
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The family Tineidae belongs to the superfamily Tineoidae, commomly very small to medium-size. The common species are generally known as clothes moths. The family Tineidae is reported 15 subfamilies, 320 genera, and more than 3,000 known species in the world (Davis in Stehr, 1987). In the Korean Peninsula, family Tineidae is reported 6 subfamilies, 13 species (Korean Check List, 1994), while Japan's is reported 10 subfamily, about 40 species recently. Tineid lavae feed on a variety of substates, but they are typically detritophagous, lichenivorous, fungivorous, or keratinophagous. Unlike most lepidoptera they do not consum live plant material. The adults of tineid are seldom collected, because of their habit that it rarely gather at light. This research aim at confirming Korean tineid's species and their life cycle, habitat, host mushroom or wood polluted with mushroom. Up to now in field, finding larvae's trace, We collect that and rear in fitting environment at rearing cage. Main target of this research is subfamily Scardiinae (fungivorous) feeding on wild mushroom among family Tinedae. It is expected that Korean tineid will be add to much more species and genera because of geographical similarity of Korea and Japan.
Keywords  Lepidoptera, Tineidae, Fungi, Mushroom, Korea
Date : 2003/10/24
지난 번 동물분류학회에서 발표한 내용에 새로 사육한 종에 대한 정부를 보강했습니다. 내용면에서는 아직 큰 진전을 보이고 있지 않고 동정이 안 되는 종이 4종이나 있고 미기록종이 2종 추가되었습니다. 여기에 대한 정리 및 보안이 더 필요하다고 생각이 되네요. 겨울방학때 많은 보강을 하도록 하겠습니다.
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