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Tineid of Korea
Systematic Study of the Family Tineidae (Lepidoptera) in Korea
한국산 곡식좀나방과(나비목)의 분류학적 고찰
Yang-Seop Bae, Seok Kim

Department of Biology, College of National Sciences, University of Incheon, Incheon, 402-749, Republic of Korea.
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The Family Tineidae, belonging to the superfamily Tineoidae, very small to medium-sized moths (Lepidoptera), often with a silvery or golden sheen. The common species are generally known as clothes moths. The Family Tineidae is reported 15 subfamilies, 320 genera, and more than 3,000 known species in the world. (Davis in Stehr, 1987) In Korean Peninsula is reported 6 subfamilies, 13 species (Korean Check List, 1994). In comparison with Korea, Japan is reported 9 subfamily, 29 species. Korean 6 subfamilies are Nemapogoninae, Myrmecozelinae, Tineinae, Erechthiinae, Hieroxestinae, Scardiinae, Japanese subfamilies have more 3 subfamilies(Euplocarminae, Teichobiinae, Messiinae) than Korean's. Tineid lavae feed on a variety of substates, but they are typically detritophagous, lichenivorous, fungivorous, or keratinophagous. Unlike most Lepidoptera they do not consum live plant material. Among Tineid, it is known 6 subfamilies (Euplocarminae, Scardiinae, Nemapogoninae, Teichobiinae, Myrmecozelinae, Messiinae) in Japan that host material is mushroom or wood polluted with mushroom. Among them Korean tineid contains 3 subfamily (Scardiinae, Nemapogoninae, Myrmecozelinae) except 3 subfamilies (Euplocarminae, Teichobiinae, Messiinae). In geographical similarity, Korean tineid is expected much more species. But the adults of Tineidae are seldom collected, because of their habit that it rarely gather at light. Also ecological information doesn't obvious. Therefore, It needs to consider a korean tineid in systematic and ecological aspects.
Date : 2003/08/20
제목을 Systematic이라고 붙였지만 이제 막 시작한 연구라 전반적인 내용을 다루었으므로 Note라는 표현이 더 적합할 것 같다는 지적을 받았다. 추가로 큰점무늬좀나방의 생활사의 일면과 곡식좀나방의 생활사에 대한 약간의 언급을 했다.
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