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Tineid moth caterpillar drags its lint case around
On a wall inside an apartment, a case-building tineid caterpillar carefully inches its way upwards, taking its case of lint and debris with it. I presume it sticks its case to the wall with silk in or
Phereoeca fallax (Tineidae) Traça-das-paredes, bag
Phereoeca fallax Household Casebearer Moths (Lepidoptera - Glossata - Heteroneura - Ditrysia - Tineoidea - Tineidae) Larva de Phereoeca, Traça-das-paredes, tineid moths, fungus moths, pequena larva de
Tinea Pellionella Moth
The case-bearing clothes moth (Tinea pellionella) is a species of tineoid moth in the family Tineidae, the fungus moths. It is the type species of the genus Tinea, which in turn is the type genus of t
Stereo Microscope: Household Casebearer
Household Casebearer (a type of moth caterpillar) under stereo microscope. The larvae carry their pupal case around with them.
Bagworm Moth (Psychidae: Dahlica triquetrella?) La
Photographed at Grand Forks, North Dakota (06 May 2011). Go here to learn more about bagworm moths: / Go here to raed more about this specimen: http://buggu
In The Bag
I do not own the music used in this video. The music is "As Colorful As Ever" by Broke for Free. Awesome, right? This video features the case bearing moth larvae I spoke about in one of my past pest
Ličinka (Larva)
Ličinka krznarskega molja s "hišico"... Larva of Case Bearing Clothes Moth (Tinea pellionella) with a "house"...
please help identify this creepy thing
The 'Bag' or 'Case' Moth Larva
A long look at the locomotion of a bagworm moth larvae (Psychidae), perhaps an example of Siederia walshella or Dahlica triquetrella. Filmed at Grand Forks, North Dakota (18 April 2015).
case bearer moth
This is a video of the case bearer moth,not actually a moth it has to develop into a moth found this at my residence It is feeding on spider webs PLEASE WATCH IN HD
Cloth Moth Indoor
indoor flying from cloth moth using a fly cam one
'Bagworm' in my hand
Phereoeca uterella* (aka 'Household Casebearer' or 'Bagworm') in my hands..!! Previously, I uploaded a video of crawling of bagworm. Watch it here if you haven't yet..:
Larva of tinea pellionella
It is a case-making clothes moth (Tinea pellionella) in the family Tineidae. The brown-headed larva spins a silken case that is open at both ends. The flattened case is about 10-11 mm long (3/8 to 1/2
Larva de Phereoeca uterella. Plaster bagworm. Gusa
1 cm. Phereoeca uterella es una especie de polilla que pertenece a la familia Tineidae. Es comúnmente conocido como el gusano del saco de yeso pero como el término "gusano del saco" más correctamente
Plaster Bagworm Feeding Frenzy! | aka Household Ca
Household Casebearer - MACRO 4K UHD Many websites, I found information on, stated their main food source appears to be spider webs. From this video it appears they also really like eating insects. A
Is it a piece of dust or a creature? It's a little "worm" type creature that lives inside it's "case". Can be found hanging out in cobwebs. Eventually, it becomes a moth.
The humble Plaster Bagworm
Casebearer aka Plaster Bagworm
Found this crazy worm in a cocoon. Moves kind of like an inch worm. It travels inside the cocoon & can use either end to choose a direction to travel. It is apparently a larvae of a common household m
Traça de parede - Wall moth (Phereoeca uterella)
Phereoeca allutella/uterella
Phereoeca allutella/uterella
Traça carregando seu casulo

The household casebearer

Plaster Bagworm at my house
Household casebearer (Phereoeca uterella).
Larva de Traça
Sim, nojento, tem em todos os lugares, adoram humidade. Leia o texto abaixo: "Traças das roupas", pertencem à Ordem Lepidoptera (onde estão as mariposas e as borboletas), da qual o Gênero Tinea (com
Another Size, Another World
Rare insect I found. (Phereoeca uterella) To imagine the size of the insect, look at the coins sizes, the golden colour coin is a 20 cents and the silver one is a 10 cents coin (Mexican Pesos) A coi
lente macro - traça andando
2014-06-06 16:29.26 traça andando
traça de roupa
Phereoeca sp. larva (plaster bagworm)
Polilla del estuche Polilla tejedora de la ropa
Acrobatic Moth Larva
Case Bearing Moth Larva (Tinea pellionella)
Case Bearing Moth Larva (Tinea pellionella)

หนอนปลอก แมลงกินฝุ่น ที่อาศัยอยู่ตามบ้าน
หนอนปลอก เป็นสัตว์ที่ไม่มีพิษภัยร้ายแรงอย่างไร เพียงแต่เปรียบเสมือนตัวชี้วัดปริมาณฝุ่นในบ้าน ว่าถึงเวลาต้องทำความสะอาดครั้งใหญ่ได้แล้ว เพราะเจ้าหนอนปลอกเป็นแมลงที่ชอบฝุ่น ยิ่งบ้านไหนมีหนอนปลอกอยู่เยอะ
Complete Life Cycle of Clothes Moth on a Wool Rug
Clothes moths eat and destroy wool rugs and clothing. This video shows their complete life cycle from egg to adult of moths living on a wool rug. This glimpse into their biology explains how webbing c
Clothes Moth Identification
Entomologist Patrick Kelley gives a quick identification guide for casemaking clothes moths. This will help you identify which clothes moth species that you have prior to ordering a pheromone kit. Thi
Ever heard of the Clothes Moth?
We thought it was just a piece of paper but then it moved! a quick google search showed it was a clothes moth. We spent the next 2 days filming it and now it's here to share. P.S No clothes moths wer
Clothes Moth close up
Hey guys just sharing a short video on some Clothes Moth Larvae. They make small homes made of things they feed on. I think these moths are responsible for the little holes in our clothes. The larvae
Larvae of the case bearing clothes moth, Tinea pel

Clothes moth, larvae and moth eggs Two clothes moth larvae, a cloth moth and hundreds of clothes moths eggs are shown on a small area of wool carpet.
case bearing clothes moth larvae close up, at my h
It is going from one place to other with his shelter.(Home Discovery) At my home, From India
Mites des vêtements porte-case (Tinea pellionella)
Mites des vêtements porte-case; case-bearing clothes moths.
Tinea pellionella

Case-bearing Clothes Moths
I found a pile of these on my front porch. I figured I take a closer look.
Case-bearing Clothes Moth larva

Webbing Clothes Moth Biology and Instructional Vid
Entomologist Patrick Kelley discusses webbing clothes moth biology and how to use pheromone traps to find infestations.
Carpet Moth Problems?
This video shows what is under the furniture in many homes
Case-bearing Clothes Moth Larva
*I finally found what it is! Ahh...the power of Google. I found this weird worm/grub on the floor in my house. Not quite sure what it is...
clothes moth larva
Macro video of clothes moth larva found in wool
Casemaking clothes moths
Video of several casemaking clothes moth larvae. Their cases are red because they were feeding on a red wool carpet, rolled up and stored under a bed.
Protect Your Clothes with TERRO® Clothes Moth Aler
Use TERRO Clothes Moth Alert traps to lure and capture clothes moths before they lay eggs. The presence of trapped moths will alert you of a possible infestation. The non-toxic traps use a powerful p
Active Carpet Moth
Active Carpet Moth
clothes moth aberdeen- pest control aberdeen
A clothes moth adult, and clothes moth larvea damage shown pre treatment in a house in aberdeen. call Bon Accord Pest Control Ltd on 0800 0832 700. to fix your moth problems

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