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Tineid of Korea
[BACK] Searching Genus of family Tineidae
외형적인 여러 특징들을 이용해서 찾고자 하는 종의 속(genus)를 찾은 뒤 원하는 종을 검색할 수 있습니다.
Please search the genus using the external characters, and then you can find out the wanted species.

Key to the genera of Korean Tineidae based on the external characters

  1. Scales of vertex appressed to head, broad, lamellate ..... 2
    Scales of vertex erect, piliform ..... 3

  2. Apical half of the forewing dark or pale brown mark, the other half yellow ..... Opogona
    Forewing with a single yellow mark mostly ..... Wegneria

  3. Labial palpus with strong lateral bristles on second segment ..... 4
    Labial palpus without strong lateral bristles on second segment ..... 10

  4. Forewing slightly curved outward at apical area ..... Erechthias
    Forewing not curved outward ..... 5

  5. Wingspan long (more than 34 mm) ..... Scardia
    Wingspan short (13-29 mm) ..... 6

  6. Forewing with raised tufts of scale or rows of clusters of scales protruding above the wing ..... 7
    Forewing with all scales appressed to wing surface ..... 9

  7. Scale of forewing tuft-shape ..... 8
    Scale of forewing lamellate ..... Dasyses

  8. Hindleg conspicuously long. Forewing M3 and CuA1 stalked or approximated basally. ..... Gerontha
    Hindleg moderately long. Forewing M3 and CuA1 widely separated basally. ..... Autochthonus

  9. Forewing and hindwing with well-developed fringe ..... Cephitinea
    Forewing and hindwing with little-developed fringe ..... Morophaga

  10. Wingspan very small (8-8.5 mm) ..... 11
    Wingspan is small or medium (10-22 mm) ..... 12

  11. Forewing brightly colored; antenna filiform; scale of frons erected ..... Dryadaula
    Forewing with dark brown scale, deep colored in apical area; antenna not filiform, scale of frons appressed ..... Psychoides

  12. Forewing with hyaline or subhyaline spot in discal cell ..... 13
    Forewing without hyaline or subhyaline spot in discal cell ..... 14

  13. Forewing with hyaline spot in discal cell; R1 present ..... Monopis
    Forewing with subhyaline spot in discal cell; R1 absent ..... Chrypsithyris

  14. Labial palpus short, approximately twice as long as diameter of eye ..... 15
    Labial palpus long, approximately three times as long as diameter of eye ..... Morophagoides

  15. Vertex and frons with grayish scale ..... Amorophaga
    Vertex and frons with pale yellowish scale ..... 16

  16. Forewing with three or six dots ..... 17
    Forewing with many dots ..... 18

  17. Forewing with one to three dots, rarely without such dot ..... Tinea
    Forewing with six dots ..... Niditinea

  18. Costal margin of hindwing without projection ..... Nemapogon
    Costal margin of hindwing with slight projection ..... Triaxomasia

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