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Tineid of Korea
[BACK] 수컷 생식기를 이용한 검색
해부된 수컷생식기의 여러 특징들을 이용해서 종을 검색할 수 있습니다.
Using the genitalic characters, you can find out the wanted species.

[Key to the species of Korean Tineidae based on the male genitalic characters]

  1. Asymmetrical; aedeagus fused right valva ..... Dryadaula sp.
    Symmetrical, aedeagus separated valva ..... 2

  2. Saccus very long, slender, narrow ..... 3
    Saccus short or broad, widen ..... 11

  3. Gnathos well-developed, large, triangular ..... 4
    Gnathos very small or rudiment or membraneous ..... 7

  4. Aedeagus 2 times as long as length of saccus ..... Monopis longella
    Aedeagus 1-1.5 times as long as length saccus ..... 5

  5. Valva broad, with rounded apex ..... Monopis weaverella
    Valva slender, with acuted apex ..... 6

  6. Aedeagus hardly longer than saccus, narrowed in distal third; vesica with numerous very small and with several larger cornuti ..... Monopis zagulajevi
    Aedeagus elongate, without carinae; vesica with pair of distinctly blunt -tipped blade-shaped ornuti ..... Tinea translucens

  7. Saccus gradually wide into vinculum, broad ..... 8
    Saccus with regular width, narrow or broad ..... 9

  8. Valva with rounded apex, with sclerotized hook projection; saccus with rounded apex ........ Opogona thiadelpha
    Valva with bilobed apex; saccus with pointed apex ..... Opogona nipponica

  9. Uncus triangular, with one lobe or without lobe ..... Gerontha ampliptera
    Uncus not triangular, with two lobe ..... 10

  10. Valva with long bristle; narrow at base ..... Gerontha borea
    Valva with short bristle; wide at base ..... Gerontha namhaensis

  11. Saccus short, small ..... 12
    Saccus broad, elongate, large ..... 18

  12. Valva with rounded apical margin ..... 13
    Valva with gradually pointed process ..... 15

  13. Valva small, divided in two branch at apex ..... Psychoides gosari
    Valva large, broad, not divided ..... 14

  14. Valva broad, apical half with bristle of brush ..... Dasyses barbata
    Valva slender, with erect bristle all over ..... Wegneria cerodelta

  15. Valva with pointed apex ..... Triaxomasia orientanus
    Valva with subalical apex ..... 16

  16. Aedeagus 2 times as long as valva ..... 17
    Aedeagus 2.5 times as long as valva ..... Nemapogon granella

  17. Aedeagus markedly stout at base; uncus widely separated ..... Cephitinea colonella
    Aedeagus slender, little swellen at base; uncus triangular, apex pointed ..... Niditinea baryspilas

  18. Valva simple, rounded, broad ..... 19
    Valva divided or serrate or squared ..... 20

  19. Aedeagus slender, narrow ..... Erechthias atririvis
    Aedeagus stout inflated at base, broad ..... Erechthias sphenoschista

  20. Saccus triangular ..... 21
    Saccus rounded ..... 22

  21. Uncus lobes broad, somewhat square ..... Morophagoides moriutii
    Uncus lobes slender, somewhat conoidal ..... Morophaga formosana

  22. Aedeagus slender, thorn-like carinae; vesica without cornuti ..... Morophaga bucephala
    Aedeagus short, with three lobate anteriorly-directed carinae; vesica with minute, inconspicuous spicular cornuti ..... Morophaga fasciculata

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