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Tineid of Korea
[BACK] 암컷 생식기를 이용한 검색
해부된 암컷생식기의 여러 특징들을 이용해서 종을 검색할 수 있습니다.
Using the genitalic characters, you can find out the wanted species.

[Key to the species of Korean Tineidae based on the female genitalic characters]

  1. Signum present ..... 2
    Signum absent ..... 13

  2. Corpus bursae with single or 2-3 signum ..... 3
    Corpus bursae with 5-10 signum ..... 12

  3. Corpus bursae with single signum ..... 4
    Corpus bursae with 2-3 signum ..... 5

  4. Ductus bursae slender ..... Erechthias atririvis
    Ductus bursae broad ..... Erechthias sphenoschista

  5. Signum hook-shaped or triangular, pouch-shaped ..... 6
    Signum linear or conspicuous needle-shaped ..... 9

  6. Signum hook-shaped with a pair (2) piece ..... 7
    Signum triangular, pouch-shaped, with several (5-10) piece ..... 8

  7. Ductus bursae broad, short; Corpus bursae with a pair of bobsled-shaped signum ..... Opogona nipponica
    Ductus bursae slender, elongate, thin-walled; Corpus bursae with a pair of large F-shaped signum ..... Opogona thiadelpha

  8. Ventral margin of ostium only slightly concave; antrum narrow, no broader than width of ostium ..... Morophagoides ussuriensis
    Ventral margin of ostium strongly concave; antrum broadened at one-half to 1.5×width of ostium ..... Morophagoides moriutii

  9. Corpus bursae with linear signum ..... 10
    Corpus bursae with two conspicuous needle-shaped signa in large sclerotized base-plate ..... Tinea translucens

  10. Signum as long as apophyses anteriores ..... Niditinea baryspilas
    Signum very shorter than apophyses anteriores ..... 11

  11. Lamella postvaginalis forming a pair of V-shaped pad ..... Gerontha borea
    Lamella postvaginalis forming a pair of long, rounded pad ..... Gerontha namhaensis

  12. Ductus bursae markedly rogose in middle area; Corpus bursae with triangular, 5-6 signum ..... Monopis longella
    Ductus bursae with a pair of lateral string-like sclerites; Corpus bursae with some 10 spine-like signa and membranous fringe surrounding ..... Crypsithyris japonica

  13. Ductus bursae broad, stout ..... 14
    Ductus bursae slender, elongate ..... 17

  14. Ovipositor broad; papilla analis rounded, broad ..... 15
    Ovipositor slender; papilla analis acute, narrow ..... Cephitinea colonella

  15. Corpus bursae oval shape ..... Morophaga bucephala
    Corpus bursae ellipsed shape ..... 16

  16. Ductus bursae as long as antrum ..... Morophaga fasciculata
    Ductus bursae longer than antrum ..... Amorophaga sp.

  17. Apophyses posteriores 3 times as long as apophyses anteriores ..... Dasyses barbata
    Apophyses posteriores 2 times or more than 2 times as long as apophyses anteriores, but less than 3 times.....18

  18. Antrum not cup-shape, composed of 4-5 wide, strongly sclerotized scutes ..... Nemapogon granella
    Antrum cup-shaped, with about 10 stout internal setae ..... Wegneria cerodelta

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